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Please click here to see the File attached to understand the benefit being derived from the new Option given to CDA pensioners, including DOT pensioners. third-option-benefit.pdf

WARNING ALARM  !!!!BSNLELU in its website has told that there is no chance of getting wage revision under third PRC directions. We understood the danger much earlier.
Still some friends have illusion about PRC.
PRC will not change its report and suggest any pension revision. Govt will not ask PRC to reopen the matter due to cascading repercussions.
We can not depend upon wage revision in BSNL.
With annulment of 60:40  condition we are 100% central pensioners. Our pension should be revised without linking with profit or loss of BSNL.It should be by extension of the Finance ministry orders of 4.8.2016 and 12.5.2017
Give notional pay revision of last pay drawn and refix the pension.
No illusion.No confusion.We are PSU retirees butcentral govt pensioners.
We demand CPC benifits now and all the time to come also.   -Com Ramankutty


The forum of BSNL unions have  written a letter to Smt Aruna Sunderraj IAS holding charge of Secretary Telecom.In the letter it is mentioned that DOT was  positive towards pay revision earlier but NEGATIVE now!.
Bad days are ahead. 
Com. P.S.Raman Kutty 


On 27.04.2017 Circle secy.CHTD planned to meet GM (F) to discuss some of the issues and went along with com.T.S.Vttoban CHQ.TR..

But GM (F) was leave on that day.Then they met DGM (FC) and discussed the following items:


      (1)  83 cases of pre 2007 retirees have not been settled with 78.2 benefits so far for non receipt of files from pension section.The same list has been sent to pension section from DOT cell.


Requested for necessary action for forwarding the files to DOT cell as early for further processing.

      DGM  assured to take necessary action to forward those files immediately.

       ( 2)   Regarding night free calling for retired officials,madam verified and confirmed with ITPC Pune that ti is already effected from April 2017 and it will be appeared in April 2017 bill itself.

       ( 3)   For forming of separate centralized medical bill section for BSNL pensioners, madam told that for shortage of staff it is delayed and it will be formed after considering staff position.

           Option form for w/o voucher medical allowance is published herewith.

           -------M.Govindarajan c/s

latest option form:

latest option form latest option form +

Present position on 78.2 revision:-------
In Chennai Telephone District as on 22.04.2017 ,Pre 2007 cases of 78.2 have been almost completed (2455 cases) .Only 83 cases are pending for want of files from BSNL pension section.The list of pensioners with details ( name,ppo no: year of retirement etc.) sent to pension section to forward those files to DOT cell for further processing.It is expected that this process will be completed within the month of April 2017.

          For post 2007 cases so far nearly 2000 cases have been completed and sent revised orders.Further processing work is going on. It is also expected to be completed by the end of May 2017.

          Now CCA Tamil Nadu has announced PENSION ADALAT MEETING during the 2nd.week of July 2017, in Chennai.

The last date for submission of grievances is 15,06.2017.Members are requested to wait upto 31st. May 2017,till such time it is expected that all most all the cases will be completed.

After May 2017 ,pensioners those who are not received their pension revision order or arears not credited in the bank/PO or any kind of nature in not getting their pension revision order may submit their grievances to ADALAT and send a copy to their respective branch secretaries.



  Jt.CCA, O/o Principal Controller of Communication Account

  60,Ethiraj Salai,Egmore, Chennai-600008

                                                           ----M.Govindarajan c/s  

 Instructions to collect data on option and report:

Today at 12 noon I along with  J S Dahya and Anupam Kaul met Smt Sujata Rai, Director HR of BSNL and thanked her for restoring without voucher scbeme.
We requested her to clarify about option and periodicity of MRS card.
She directed us to meet the GM Admn.
We met GM then.
1. Pensioners have to exercise fresh option with/without voucher. A proforma is being issued to SSAs to collect and register options.
2. MRS Cards are issued for one year, 2 years, 5 years by circles.  We wanted standardisation. 
Circles will be directed to obtain undertakings from pensioners every year instead of renewing the card ,   like life certificate.
3.         2007 order is being revised on rent free tephone connections. The word free local calls is being replaced by metered calls
...P S Ramankutty

The amount of without voucher payment:
For outdoor treatment without voucher facility was withdrawn vide corporate office letter dated 5/9/2011.

Now corporate office has revived that facility for pensioners vide its letter dated 11/4/2017. This decision is subject to review after six months. 


 For those who retired prior to 1/1/2007  there are two options. 1) Last pay drawn + old DA pattern in April of the year for which the claim is made divided by two.  2) Minimum of corresponding revised pay on 1/1/2007 + DA of April of the year for which claim is made.  12-1/2 days wages of this amount is the ceiling. 


 For those who retired after 1/1/2007,  12-1/2 days wages of LPD + DA of April of the concerned year to which claim is made. The above is total annual ceiling and it will be paid in four equal instalments.


We have been pursuing this demand since 2011 September onwards and we could succeed only now.  It's one more achievement of our Association…. D Gopalakrishnan

AS on 31.03.2017,a total no. of 2355 pre 2007 cases of 78.2 for Chennai Telephone Dist.have been completed and sent revised orders.
All most all the pre. 2007 cases were completed.Nearly 200 cases for nonavailability/want of files are still under process.Some undelivered revised order letters for want of correct address/change of address returned and kept at Dot office at 60,Ethiraj Salai, Egmore,Chennai-8.

          Those who are not received their revised orders,requested to contact their respective branch secretaries with details.

        Regarding post 2007 cases so far 1500 cases have been completed and sent revised orders.It is expected will be completed by end of may 2017.

      -----------M.Govindarajan c/s

 It is learnt that BSNLCorporate office management committee has approved medical allowance for retirees experimentally for period of six months.But we have to wait for orders -----------M.Govindarajan c/s



As we have reported earlier, through this website as well as Pensioners Patrika, in 7 Circles including Kerala, MP, Chhatisgarh, Orissa, Rajasthan etc. the concerned CCAs refused to count the extra increment granted to Grade III officials one year before their retirement as PAY while the pension was fixed. In most of the Circles it was treated as pay and pension was granted with the said increment.

In Kerala, our Circle Association along with five retired BSNL employees who got the extra increment approached the CAT. On 15th March 2012, the CAT ord ered that the said extra increment should be treated as Pay even if the pay had crossed maximum of the pay scale. CCA did not honour the CAT verdict. He filed Appeal in the High Court. The High Court upheld the CAT verdict. Then, CCA granted the benefit only to the five pensioners who were Applicants in the Case.

Our Association demanded that since Association is the applicant 1 in the case the benefit should be given to others placed in similar situation.

After lot of delay the CCA is now issuing orders refixing the pension counting the extra Increment also. Copy of one of such orders is given below.

I suggest that in other Circles, the affected Members can apply to the concerned CCA to refix their pension taking into account the Extra Increment granted by BSNL.

Please Note: Those who did not get the Extra Increment before retirement, can not claim it now, whatever be the reason_for_not_getting it.

...P S Ramankutty

24/03 13:05]

It is understood  that DoT has decided to file appeal in High Court against  CAT judgement in Pension Anomaly case. 
We have no alternative but to fight at every level.

Dot finance has collected data from all the CCAs after our discussion with Secretary, Telecom on 22/2/2017.  The information is as follows :- 
Tamilnadu, Uttarakhand and Bihar BSNL have sent all cases. 
2) WB BSNL has not sent any case to CCA. 
3) Patna CCA has cleared all the 3585 cases. 
4) NE I has cleared all the received cases of 897 but BSNL is yet to send 103 cases. 
5) The following CCAs have cleared /received   HD-2608/11181, GJ-9338/9956, KR-2869/8139, KE-3297/10131,
MH-6844/13393, TN-7862/15830, 
UPE - 4291/6644, MP-1597/4944, 
Kolkatta - 2159/2651. Total pensioners eligible - 1,39,835. Cases received from BSNL - 1,09,442(78.27%). Pension revision order issued - 51,031 (46.63% & 53.37% is pending with CCAs).  
This is the position as on 28 /2 /2017



Association is conducting a DHARNA on 18-3-17 from 10 AM to 1 PM in front of Tamilnadu State Guest House, (adjacent to Ex Kalaivanar Arangam, Triplicane), to demand and modify the 7th CPC Recommendations for pensioners. It includes the raising of minumum pension to Rs.18000-. and also point to point pension revision fixation for pre 2016 pensioners.




  If these demands are implemented BSNL pensioners will also get the benefits.Tamilnadu Circle Secretary Com K. Muthiyalu is the Key  Speaker for this DHARNA.

 Com S.Sridharan informed this news in his speech in our 14-3-17 monthly meeting also.


TN Circle and STR members members are participating.


We request Chennai pensioners also to participate in the DHARNA

Consequent upon our discussion with Secretary,  Telecom on 22-2-2017,  Member (Finance)  has issued a fresh instruction. 

BSNL offices should send    pre-2007 and post-2007cases to CCA offices  before 15-3-2017  and 31-3-2017  respectively.  CCAs should issue orders before 31-3-2017  and 10-4-2017 respectively.


The letter is given below



IMG-20170309-WA0038 IMG-20170309-WA0038 +

In Chennai Telephone Dist. Pre 2007 cases as on 06.03.2017, 1900 number of cases have been cleared and sent revised letters to the concerned 

 pensioners. Nearly 475 left out cases, for want of  files  in each year, are under process and will be cleared by the end of March 2017.Pre 2007 retirees those who are not received revised letter, after March 2017 are requested to contact  to their respective branch secys.with details of name, PPO number and date of retirement for further action.

          In respect of post 2007 cases nearly 550 cases have been cleared and sent revised letters.But it is not in the order year wise seniority.They have taken up for processing in a bundle wise .Bundles are carrying ,mixed files of all the years of post 2007 cases.      
 After the intervention of circle secy and met with Dy. CCA and A.O of DOT cell on 03.03.2017, they started processing the files according to year wise seniority ( from 2007,2008 like that). Also Dy,CCA told that all the post. 2007 will be cleared by the end of June 2017. 

            --------M.Govindarajan  c/s

As per the Govt.Of India instruction, Joint CCA(Pension) DOT Cell, Chennai, Released a circular vide his letter No: PR.CCA/TN/PVA/AADHAR No:SEEDING/BSNL Dt.16-02-2017 stating that all the DOT/BSNL pensioners must be linked to their Aadhar number with their pension account.   
This will help the pensioners to provide digital life certicate through jeevan pramaan portal instead of physical life certificate during November of each year.   
Pensioners, those who are not submitted their aadhar number so far , requested to  submit their aadhar number to the respective pension disbursing banks/Post offices so as to enable them to create the electronic data transfer mechanism between the portal and the bank/post office server.

                          --------M.GOVINDARAJAN C/S`



There was a meeting with Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) of BSNL on 21st February 2017. GM (Admn) and GM (SR) were also present. We expressed our sincere thanks for the meeting and courtesy shown by Smt. Sujata Ray.Before the formal discussions started, she asked us about the future pension revision of BSNL retirees. We told her that we had demanded pension revision with fitment benefit granted by Seventh Pay Commission and not PRC. She appreciated our stand. It was also indicated by her that BSNL is yet to take a formal decision on the third PRC report. She told also that the financial position of BSNL is in bad shape.

Restoration of Quarterly Medical Allowance

We pointed out that this matter is pending for many years. Director indicated that it is very difficult to restore medical allowance. We mentioned about the PRC recommendation to grant Rs 1000 per month. Again, she indicated difficulty in implementing that PRC recommendation in BSNL.

Delay in settling MRS Claims by Pensioners: